Lambeth Motors - Vehicle Service

We provide 3 services for your vehicle to choose from:

Interim Service – 6 months or +2000 miles a month

An interim service can help maintain the value of your vehicle and save you money on fuel cost. It consists of an oil change, oil filter replacement and checks of major components such as the steering, brakes, clutch, tyres, hoses and pipes. An interim service should be performed at 6-month intervals but should not replace an annual service. It is designed for drivers who cover more than the average number of miles and reduces the risk of break down.

Full Service – 12 months interval or + 12000 miles

The Full Service is a more comprehensive service available. We would highly recommend it if you have covered 10000 -12000 miles, or yearly. This help to prolong the engine life as well as all the benefits described in the interim service.

Major Service – 24 months intervals or 12000 miles plus

The Major Service is the most comprehensive car service we do and covers parts that are regularly recommended for replacement every two years such as your brake fluid and cabin filter. This has all the benefits of the interim and full service, plus more. Highly recommended for 24-month intervals every 12000 miles.

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